1. Free website (www.yourname.squarespace.com), change templates any time.

2. Pros: There are only 25 templates. Cons: There are only 25 templates.

3. Help for templates is very easy to find.

  • Detailed how-tos for each template: Bedford.
  • Easy to discover template that meets your needs: sidebar.

4. Main navigation is what appears on my home page. Options include...

5. Pages are easy to put together and edit. Point to where you'd like to insert something and insert it.

6. (Inserting images is easy).

7. Deleting a box of content is easy.

8. Settings is where you manage title, URL and primary image for a page. 

9. Not Linked is where you develop pages that you do not want to show up in your home page.

10. Can edit shape, font, color on main pages.

Bonus: Here is a great guide from Dan Blank of WeGrowMedia.com on how to set up web hosting for your blog.