About Angelina M. Lopez

I'm a 40-something-year-old writer, blogger, freelance commercial copy writer, and social media manager who's always loved to write. I've told stories in 100,000 words and 140 characters. I've told stories for an acclaimed city newspaper, to 758 followers and counting on Wattpad, for clients just getting businesses started, and to my mom.

My mom loves my stories.

I like to have a good time. I like great food, craft cocktails, long hikes, live music, and interesting one-of-a-kind experiences that living in a place like Washington, D.C. offers. My blog and stories imply a certain hedonism about me; it's not true. I'm a wife and a mom. I make to-do lists with perfectly drawn check boxes. I check them with glee.

You can find my proper freelance copy writer/social media manager alter-ego over at teamloquist.com. Feel free to hit me up if you've got a paying gig. Craft cocktails are expensive.