Update to The Billionaire's Prince: June, Day 7


"Faster," Roxanne urged, gripping Mateo's arm.

Mateo bared down and went faster.

"Harder," she demanded.

He whipped his head to look at her. "How much harder do you think I can push?"

"Put some muscle behind it, Principe," she ordered. She gave a thump to the ancient dashboard. "Why are you driving anyway?"

Mateo jammed the pedal down on the dirty mat, making the Bronco squeal around a rusted Toyota Tercel that honked its horn at him. "Because you barely know your own name before coffee," he said as he spotted the top of the Freedom Medical Center over the trees. "And you can afford to bail me out of jail when I get arrested for breaking the sound barrier."

Father Juan was awake and responsive. 

Roxanne's phone had jarred them upright with the news this morning. They'd been dead to the world in their dark womb of a cheap motel room, as exhausted by the week's tension as they were by yesterday's revolutionary lovemaking, a lovemaking interrupted only when pizza was delivered at sunset and sleep dragged them down to its depths.

As Mateo flew over the sun-soaked small town streets, the blue Kansas sky stretching out all around them and Roxanne shifting in her seat like a little girl waiting for the bell on the last day of school, he felt fucked in all of the best and worst ways. (Click to keep reading...)


Enjoy Dazzling Jewels and Dresses at the Hillwood Estate


Jewels and dresses...

What more does a museum need?

My favorite museum in Washington, D.C., the Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens (perhaps it's my favorite because I'm a docent there), has two perfect ladies-who-lunch exhibits right now:

  • "Spectacular Gems and Jewelry" which showcases 50 pieces of Marjorie Merriweather Post's jewelry, many of which can usually only be seen at the Natural History Museum.
  • And "A Perfect Fit: Oldric Royce and Marjorie Merriweather Post" which displays 11 of the stunning dresses that luxury designer Oldric Royce created for Post.

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8 Podcasts to Distract You From the End of the World


Looking at the Apple Podcasts top chart...

... is like taking a glance at our national anxieties. On Monday of this week, the number one most popular podcast was "Cults." "Stay Tuned with Preet" with his premiere podcast "The Time President Trump Fired Me" is number 2. Among the Top 20 list are "The Fall Line," a true-crime serial about marginalized communities in Georgia, "The American War," "Pod Save America," and "Zealot." Which is ANOTHER podcast about cults.

I'm all about staying up-to-date on current events. My Twitter feed is full of outraged observations about the latest atrocity committed by our administration -- interspersed with tweets about fun outings, cocktails, and Project Runway.

But the times when I listen to podcasts -- on the road in traffic, at the gym first thing in the god-dang morning, making dinner at the end of a long-long day -- are not the ideal times for me to get fired up about our administration or terrified for the future of my two kids. So below are a list of my favorite podcasts that work as a distraction from the woes, generally thanks to great storytelling, fascinating topics, astonishing research and -- sometimes -- smooth-jazz, tickle-your-ear voices. (Click to keep reading...)


Drinking and Dining at District Winery


I'm a huge fan of wine tasting...

and the Virginia vineyard scene. What I am NOT such a huge fan of is the hour drive to get to most of our local vineyards (if you live inside the Beltway) and the hour drive home.

The newly opened District Winery makes a phenomenal tasting and dinner just a Lyft away.

D.C.'s first winery opened over Labor Day weekend at its beautiful Navy Yard location and you can bet I was one of the first through its doors. When we arrived on the Saturday before Labor Day, there was already an hour wait for tastings of its Brooklyn-made wines. Its incredible location in the heart of the Navy Yard made that effortless -- we strolled the boardwalk and then got a rosé cocktail at Whaley’s just across the plaza while we waited. (Click to keep reading...)


A Taste of Vegas at MGM National Harbor


My husband and I decided to play hooky last week...

...and spent an afternoon and evening at the new MGM National Harbor. With so many high-end restaurants, craft cocktail bars, entertainment options, and a gorgeous Asian-inspired aesthetic, we could have been there longer, could have eeked out a few more hours enjoying a atmosphere that reminded us of our favorite casino resorts in Las Vegas.

While the mind and body were willing, the wallet was weak.

MGM National Harbor, with its silver tower glittering over the Potomac and viewable from Alexandria, is not a cheap place to spend the evening. But if you're looking for a bit of the service, sophistication, and unapologetic adult decadence that Vegas offers without the plane flight, MGM National Harbor is an worthy substitute. (Click to keep reading...)