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Angelina M. Lopez, romance author and journalist, is available for interviews, podcasts, and as a contributor for articles.

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Angelina M. Lopez

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Long: Angelina M. Lopez wrote "arthur" when her kindergarten teacher asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. In the years since she learned to spell the word correctly, she's been a journalist for an acclaimed city newspaper, a freelance magazine writer, and a content marketer for small businesses. At long last, she found her way back to "author."

Angelina writes sexy, contemporary stories about strong women and the confident men lucky enough to fall in love with them. The food, drink, and sexy-fun times in her books imply a certain hedonism about her; it's not true. She's a wife and a mom who lives in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. She makes to-do lists with perfectly drawn check boxes. She checks them with glee.

Her first book, Lush Money, will be available Oct. 8 from Carina Press. You can find more about her at her website, and at @AngelinaMLo on Twitter.

Short: Angelina M. Lopez has been writing professionally her whole life: first as a journalist for an acclaimed city newspaper, then as a freelance magazine writer, and now as a romance author. She writes sexy, contemporary stories about strong women and the confident men lucky to fall in love with them. Her first book, Lush Money, will be available Oct. 8 from Carina Press.

upcoming Book

Lush Money, coming October 8, 2019 from Carina Press.

Blurb: Three days a month. That’s all the billionaire wants from him. Or rather, three nights. Three nights a month for a year, and at the end, she will divorce him with a settlement large enough to save the small European principality that means everything to him. All the wealthy CEO wants? Three long, hot nights a month in her bed. And his heir.

Billionaire CEO Roxanne Medina has conquered small-town bullies, Princeton snobs, and boardrooms of white, male executives who looked down on her Mexican-American ancestry. Mothering a princess -- and feeling a little less lonely at the top -- is her next rightful adventure. But Prince Mateo Ferdinand Juan Carlos de Esperanza y Santos comes to her corner office in jeans and dirty muck boots to tell her to shove it. He's one of the top winegrowers in the world. He's not marrying and having a baby with a stranger, even if the millions she's offering could save his once-legendary wine-producing principality. Once there, however, he realizes the successful, single-minded beauty has a weapon he hadn't counted on: his own desire. Give in to this naughty nightmare or keep his soul?

What begins as instant, carnal attraction for billionaire Roxanne Medina and Príncipe Mateo Esperanza transforms over the course of three nights, once a month, for a year, into something neither planned nor wanted. But something they both need more than money or kingdom.


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Talking Points

  • Born third generation Mexican-American in small southeast Kansas town; raised in Kansas and Oklahoma.

  • A part of Gantz Family Vineyards, a Pinot Noir vineyard in Sonoma County’s acclaimed Russian River Valley owned and farmed by her parents.

  • Eloped to Vegas; married for 20+ years.

  • Career as a newspaper journalist, freelance writer, and digital content consultant with a story in the Newseum.

  • Longtime romance genre fan and advocate: Began reading in the sixth grade, began writing in mid-twenties.

  • An advocate of ending the stigma around mental health issues.

  • A docent at the Hillwood Estate in Washington, D.C.