Day 3 of Surviving Trump

My Daily Cry


I just completed my daily cry. They're quick, 2-3 minutes of soul-lost despair about what this country has done and what it will mean for the future. Today, I cried after posting a video about how to protect those being racially attacked (I hope my friends read it closely) and then reading Leslie Knope's message to America.

Yesterday, I cried after I saw my husband's smile when he walked in the door. He's always able to muster a smile when he walks in the door and a whistle in the morning. And it makes me think, always, in the worst times of stress, that everything is going to be okay. But yesterday, when he smiled, I wasn't sure.

I'm not sure -- very terrified actually -- that everything is not going to be okay.

Donald Trump is already exhibiting signs of how NOT okay everything is going to be. He won't let the press have access to him as he transitions to the White House. He's a man that we've given carte blanche to. And he's going to take it. Whoops, got to stop thinking about that. Almost re-started by daily crying jag.

There's been a whole lot of that, moments of just not thinking about it and enjoying the lovely sunshine that we've had over the last few days. And then, I get this crazy burst of fear and it makes me want to run for about 10 minutes. Or take a few shots of bourbon. I do neither. But I've never had an anxiety attack before and I can't believe one man, a man I've never met, a man who's supposed to represent and protect me, is causing them.