Coming June 2020

Second in the “Filthy Rich” Series — Powerful, wealthy women who get what they want because they’ve earned it.

Cover coming soon…

Cover coming soon…

They were kids when they met.

Two kids who fell in love crazy fast one California autumn.

Now, she's a Winemaking millionaire princess and he's a chart-topping rock star. Both have regrets: He regrets breaking her heart, she regrets ever giving it to him.

He's sworn to get her back. And she's sworn never to fall in love again.

Rock star Aish Salinger, caught drunk on video, unintentionally answers one of rock's great mysteries: Who is the sexy lady he sings about in his band's breakout hit? The song, he slurs to the world, is about Princess Sofia, a wild child princess from a small Spanish kingdom. They fell in love ten years ago, working together for three months on his uncle's California vineyard.

The reveal goes viral and couldn't come at a worse time for Princesa Sofia Maria Isabel de Esperanza y Santos, who is just two weeks from the launch of her winery meant to save her kingdom, the Monte del Vino Real. The wine world is badmouthing her life’s goal as a rich princess’ party trick. And the rest of the world was ignoring her efforts – until Aish’s announcement.

The chaos presents an opportunity: if they fake the relationship that the world is clamoring for during her one-month winery launch, the attention could save his faltering career and her dead-before-its-begun winery. All Sofia has to do is spend a month — in her vineyards, in the winery she built, and in the kingdom she desperately wants to save — faking an attraction to a man she hates more than any other. Easy.

Hate Crush, coming June 2020

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