What I Did For My Christmas Vacation…



I’m a huge fan of fanfiction and Wattpad, both which gave me back my joy of writing several years ago. During this holiday season, I decided to entertain myself by working on a fanfiction story about one of my favorite shows, Leverage.

Here’s the summary:

It's not Eliot's fault that the lady keeps showing up at their Boston pub to stare at him with admiring eyes. But she's scaring away Leverage's justifiably nervous clients and Nate has had it -- it's not Eliot's fault, but now it's Eliot's responsibility to get rid of her. (Click to keep reading…)



A Free Romantic Short Story For You



Sam was her husband's best friend and the man who got Rosemarie and her daughters through the worst two years of their lives. Now he was Rosemarie’s best friend, and he always picked up the phone when she called, no matter what, no matter when.

But when she calls him a few days before Valentine’s Day to ask for the one thing their friendship isn’t providing, will she destroy their relationship forever?

(Click to get your copy of The Phone Call)



Talking Romance At My Local Independent Book Store


I learned some amazing new facts last night when I moderated…

…the first Romance Roundtable at our local independent book store, One More Page Books.

Romance novels are contraband in high-risk maternity wards because they make a woman contract prematurely.

Some well-known authors use the term “wood working” when having analytical discussions about sex scenes in their books while their children are around.

Not even a depressing news day and rain can keep diehard romance fans away from a premier Romance Roundtable.

I was honored to be asked to moderate this panel featuring phenomenal romance writers (Click to keep reading…)



Let’s Talk Romance and Drink Wine at the Romance Roundtable


I’m so excited to be moderating the first Romance Roundtable…

…on Thursday, Sept. 27 at my local bookstore, One More Page Books in Falls Church, VA.

Join me and fantastic local authors Mia Sosa (PRETENDING HE'S MINE), Sharon Wray (the DEADLY FORCE series), and Lori Ann Bailey (the HIGHLAND PRIDE series) as we discuss what we love about the romance genre. (Click to keep reading…)



Come See Me in Boulder At My First Book Store Event


This whole author thing gets more and more real every day!

Never more real than when I see my name and picture alongside the likes of New York Times bestselling author Roni Loren and international best-selling author Tiffany Reisz.

On Wednesday, July 18, at 7:30 p.m., I will join these and three other romance writers -- Aliza Mann, L. Penelope, and Maggie Wells -- to take part in a Romance Authors Panel at the Boulder Book Store in Boulder, Colorado. (Click to keep reading...)



I Have An Agent


I was going to come up with a clever headline.

But there is no being clever when you've hit the biggest accomplishment of your adult professional life. I have no irony or sarcasm or wink, wink, nudge, nudge when I realize I've crossed the threshold from "I want to be a professional romance author," to "I AM a professional romance author."

Or, at least, Sara Megibow thinks I can be. (Click to keep reading...)



Shout Out to My Arrow Fanfiction in USA Today's Romance Blog




Denny S. Bryce, HEA columnist and romance author, first interviewed me in 2015 about my Arrow fanfiction story Desperately Seeking. I didn't realize at the time that it was her first interview for her inaugural blog about fanfiction. Three years later, she's revisiting her favorite stories and chose mine to lead her column. (Click to keep reading.)



What I Learned In the Seven Years Between Completing A Novel



I sweated over it, I celebrated it, I won a contest with it, and then, when I received, like, eight rejections for it (I'm not kidding), I threw it under the proverbial bed and declared that I was done with fiction writing.

Perhaps I wasn't quite as dramatic as all that, but it still wasn't pretty.

Now, seven years later, after starting a successful freelance business that forced me to write quickly and daily, after discovering the joys of writing serially to enthusiastic fans on Wattpad, and after completing a 50,000-word fanfic and a short story that I'm incredibly proud of, I've completed another book.

On Dec. 18, 2017, I gave myself the Christmas present of completing The Billionaire's Prince, a story about a sexy female billionaire who strikes a bargain with a prince. In return for three nights a month in his bed, she will give him enough money to save his kingdom. All she wants is three nights a month in his bed for a year. And his heir.

I know. Juicy.

Everything has changed about the world of romance fiction since 2011. Fortunately, everything about how I write has changed, too.(Click to keep reading...)