Go See Old 97's. My Brother Said So.

My brother, professional choreographer Michael J. Lopez, sent me a photo that Old 97's posted today.

It's apropos for the blog because:

  • The caption for this 20-year-old photo is "Seems like yesterday," a sentiment we all feel when we see pics from two decades ago.
  • They're a freaking awesome alt-country-Americana band coming to play Washington D.C.'s The Hamilton Dec. 30 and 31.
  • My brother is much cooler than me and when he highlights something, everyone should pay attention. 

When my brother saw this picture of me and the Old 97's lead singer, Rhett Miller (who is also a fantastic solo artist), he called me a "funky mofo." Which is awesome. Go see them play. You might get called a funky mofo, too.