So Many Choices at Capital Fringe Festival 2014

One of 23 venues for Capital Fringe Festival 2014

Trying to choose which performance we were going to see of the over 150 acts taking part in the Capital Fringe Festival 2014 was like trying to choose one chocolate out of the world’s biggest box.

Were we going to enjoy the nutty delight of a ballet that mixed the "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" with Twitter? Or the dark chocolate-y goodness of an interactive whodunit featuring Edgar Allan Poe? Maybe we’d go for the blatant, chocolate-covered cherry of a comedy called “Giant Box of Porn”? Or take a lick of the mystery chocolate, a tour of the National Mall where the secrets of the Freemasons are revealed?

In its ninth year, the Capital Fringe Festival has every amalgam of drama, comedy, dance, solo performance, interactive theater you could hope for playing at 23 venues through July 27. The constraints of a busy summer schedule meant that we could only see one show. Which sucks. With a $17 ticket price (after a one-time purchase of a $7 Fringe button), and performance start times that stretch from early afternoon into late night, there’s no reason you couldn’t see multiple shows in one night.

What delicacy did we decide to enjoy? A dance murder-mystery called “Intrigue, a mystery on marley…” Below are others that tickled our fancy. 

For more insight into shows, check out the DC Metro Theater Arts reviews.

In-Between Tip: Hang onto your Fringe button even if you're lame like me and can only make it to one show. It will qualify you for a bunch of discounts all year long. Many restaurants on H Street, including Granville Moore's, Sticky Rice, H Street Country Club, and Biergarten Haus, are giving discounts to button holders through July 27.