New title, release date, and first signing!

For several months, the main push of my publishing journey was writing the second book in my three-book series. But in recent weeks, as Carina Press puts the final touches on my first book to get it ready for publication, the big news has been coming fast and furious. Here’s a round-up!

New title and series title

While I loved the title, “The Billionaire’s Prince”, it was hard to re-create for the rest of the books: The Millionaire’s Rock Star (ugh!), The CEO’s Body Guard (worse!). The wise folks at Carina Press gave the series a title I absolutely adore:


And then christened The Biilionaire’s Prince with its new title:

Lush Money

It’s a cheeky play on words that I think is fabulous and distinctive; distinctive is hard to find in romance titles.

Release Date

I now have the exact date you can get your hot little hands on Lush Money.

Oct. 8 for ebook

Oct. 28 for print

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First signing

Those attending the Romance Writer’s of America conference in New York City in July will be the first to get their hands on a FREE download of Lush Money. Carina Press is holding an author signing on Friday, July 26 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. While I won’t have printed copies of my book yet, I will have free USBs of the book that you can download and I will be signing postcards. Please come by and spare this newbie author from sitting there alone with that pained smile on her face!!

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