Apply for Your 1 Minute of TV Fame on DIY Network

I get as gaga over being on television as anyone; my husband and I were essentially the wallpaper for a news segment filmed at Catoctin Creek Distillery, and I took pictures of myself and spread them all over social media.

So I thought it was fun when I got an email from a producer looking for DC/Virginia/Maryland homeowners to feature on the DIY Network TV show, "I Want That." The show feels like a turbo-charged catalog, with 1-and-half-minute segments of homeowners trying out products for the home and garden. Apparently, you get to keep what you try!

Click here to find information about how to apply. 

We might go for it; my son is an amateur (but award-winning!!) filmmaker, and I know he would get a kick out of watching the filming process in our home. Who knows? We might get a nifty bug zapper out of it or something.