Help An Aspiring Filmmaker

Go to the IP Video Contest site to vote for Simon Lundquist 

As a parent, there is nothing more rewarding than when your children find their passion. It's wonderful to see this little person you have put all this time and energy into find the thing he wants to put all of his time and energy into. It also feels like an assurance that they will one day have a job. Bonus!

My son, Simon Lundquist, found his passion several years ago when he used an inexpensive digital camera to make a stop-action movie of a Playdough ball rolling around on his bed. The Playdough had googley-eyes, which he had to carefully move for every shot.

Since then, his movies have become more action-adventure-sci fi: lots of punching and crazed robots and magic typewriters and dystopian futures. But he's also a practical kid interested in becoming a working filmmaker, so recently he entered a video contest for the Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation and became a finalist.

Here's where you come in: He needs votes to win. So I'm taking today's blog post to ask you to please go to the following site - - and vote for him in the 13-15 category. If you're interested in voting in the 16-18 category as well, Simon recommends voting for Christian Surtz.

Thanks for your help with this. And please let me know when your child needs some online support. I'd love to return the favor.