Great Early Reviews for LUSH MONEY

The first reviews are coming in for Lush Money and I’m completely knocked out by them.

Publishers Weekly said: “Fans of fake-relationship romances will delight in this fresh spin on the trope.”

And Aarya of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books said: “This book is a shining jewel.... The initial animosity is delicious, the authorial voice is magnetic, and I just want to slap these two idiots and make them swear their undying love for each other (this is a compliment!).”


The blurbs from published authors I deeply admire are phenomenal gifts.

I discovered Sierra Simone last year and her book Priest is one of the most incredible romance stories I’ve ever read. It’s incredibly hot, loving, dirty, and sacred all at the same time. I don’t think I’ll ever write with Sierra’s bravery, but I do hope to one day to write with her depth. So when it came to be “blurb” time, she’s one of the first authors I asked.

Her blurb was so fantastic that I’ve put it at the top of all of my book pages: “Sweeping, sensual, and rawly emotional, Angelina M. Lopez crafts a debut that matches a strong, complicated heroine to a beautiful, tortured prince, and spins a swoon-worthy fairy tale for the 2019 reader. Lush Money is a gorgeous story full of heat and feels—and tons of sexy, royal fun!”

Naima Simone is also an author I deeply admire. Naima is able to maintain a tremendous output while writing books that have deep-felt heart, humor and heat. As a book-every-nine-months writer, I have no idea how she does it!

Naima gave me THREE blurbs to choose from (because that’s the kind of awesome person she is!!) and we chose this one: Lush Money was nothing I expected and everything I needed. It took the billionaire and marriage of convenience tropes and flipped them on their heads. A bold, millionaire heroine, a sexy prince of a hero, an exhilarating power struggle and off-the-charts chemistry and passion that had my Kindle smoking. It's the perfect dirty fairy tale."

She also wrote the most hilarious post in our shared reader group, the Racy Reads Party Room on Facebook. You should join Racy Reads just for Naima’s hilarious posts. She’s the most joyous person!



The Goodreads reviews have also been fantastic. Right now, 120 people have marked it to-read, which blows my mind! It’s hard to imagine all this stuff when you’re writing a book, alone, in yoga pants, at the quiet of your desk. What was created in private has become VERY public.

These reviews — on Goodreads and Amazon — make a huge difference in how Amazon promotes the book and how people discover it. This is my first of many requests that if you read the book and enjoy it, please review it.

Fellow Carina Press author Felicia Grossman (who writes gorgeous historical romances!!) said: “I just adored Roxanne and Mateo. Watching two people who started partially as enemies fall in love through friendship and understanding despite the fact that each fought it so hard was just wonderful to read. Both were complex and stubborn and proud and self-protective (They had wounds that matched each other really well as well as strengths), but also loyal and kind and caring, and just electrifying together (like so very hot and passionate and sexy but yet still very poignant somehow).”

Elizabeth said: “Old skool romance for the twenty-first century! I cried three times. The sexy times are fire. The writing is beautiful. I don't have anything else coherent to say because I'm still basking in book afterglow.”

And b.andherbooks said: “What follows is an absolutely delicious, soapy, and over the top clash of the titans romance for the ages, and the start of what will sure be a stunning career for debut novelist Angelina M. Lopez.”

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