Hate Crush

Hate Crush: Follow Up to Lush Money Coming June 2020

Hate Crush    coming June 2020. Cover coming soon.

Hate Crush coming June 2020. Cover coming soon.

When I came up with the title for my first book, The Billionaire’s Prince, I loved it. But it became harder to love as a precedent for the other two books in the series. The second book is about a winemaking millionaire princess and a rock star. So, the Princess’s Rock Star? Ugh. The Millionaire’s Rock Star? It doesn’t really roll off the tongue.

The third book is about a CEO and an ex-Army Ranger. The CEO’s Bodyguard? The CEO’s Warrior? God awful!!

There’s a reason I’m not indie publishing.

The fine people at Carina Press actually know how to name book. After the brilliance of Lush Money (formally The Billionaire’s Prince), they’ve come up with another winner for the second book in the “Filthy Rich” series: Hate Crush. SO, so, so, so much better than my title.

Hate Crush is about Princesa Sofia de Esperanza y Santos, my Príncipe’s little sister, and the rock star who broke her heart ten years before. He’s sworn to get her back. She’s sworn to never fall in love again. Go here to learn more about Hate Crush.

The first draft of Hate Crush is with my editor and people who purchase Lush Money can read an excerpt at the back of the book. It’s the second in the “Filthy Rich” series, a three-part series about powerful, wealthy woman who get what they want because they’ve earned it.

Don’t you just love it!

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Celebrating Harvest Where LUSH MONEY Was Born

Earlier this year, I got to announce my first three-book deal from Gantz Family Vineyards, my parents’ vineyard in the Russian River Valley and the place that inspired the first two books in the “Filthy Rich” series, Lush Money and Hate Crush.

So taking part in my first harvest there last week, on my birthday, on the eve the release of my debut book after a lifetime of writing, was enormously special. I might have cried.

It was tough but awesome work, repetitive but exhausting: untying twist-ties off 1.5 acres of bird netting, lifting said netting, pulling leaves from that many acres to expose the fruit, getting up at the break of dawn to get ready for the vineyard crew, helping with a multitude of tasks while the majority-woman crew performed the delicate, skilled labor of snipping grape clusters from the vine.

I got to share this moment with my parents, Clay and Celeste Gantz, and my brother, Michael Lopez. Without partners or kids joining, it’s the first time it was just the four of us in…ever. So, yes, there were tears.

Learn more about harvest 2019 at Gantz Family Vineyards in this blog we wrote for their website. Get to the end; I made a video!!

Harvest 2019 at Gantz Family Vineyards


Harvest this year happened three times.

On Tuesday, September 17, a nine-person, majority-woman crew from Cornerstone Certified Vineyards showed up at 6:30 a.m. to harvest blocks 4 and 5 of our 4.5-acre vineyard. We were fortunate to be joined by our kids, Angelina M. Lopez and Michael Lopez, who got to take part in their first harvest at the vineyard. (Click to keep reading…)